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Listen to how Commitment to Colorado has impacted Samantha, Kas and Laurel

Read how Commitment to Colorado has impacted Alfred and Vi

“I have been a recipient of the Commitment to Colorado almost every year of my undergraduate degree.  It has been really nice to know that when I check my financial aid awards each year that with the Commitment to Colorado and other financial aid and scholarships, I’ll be covered.  This funding has been very important to my family because we know the difference having a degree can make.  It was even more crucial this last year because my family suffered a huge financial set back, but I knew that I would be okay because of the Commitment to Colorado funding.  It makes me very proud to be a part of CSU when I hear how my friends at other schools are struggling financially because they don’t have the financial support the Commitment to Colorado provides.”- Alfred Castillo

…Vi’s story:

“I’m very grateful to have been receiving the Commitment to Colorado funding. Without it, I would be depending on loans. My parents are struggling financially, and so we had to sell the house I grew up in. This funding has helped me lessen a bit of my parents’ financial burden as well as bring me relief as I was anxious about having to work in Denver and attending school in Fort Collins.”- Vi Nguyen